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Thanks to Chris Archer (@jediastra), we recently had access to the camera script for Power. A camera script is used by the director and her team to map out which camera is to be used during each shot for film and studio recording and what its position, angle, etc., should be. This camera script belonged to the writer of Power, Ben Steed, and was given to Chris by Ben's widow. The notes detailing scene numbers are from Ben Steed himself.

The camera script includes details of cast, production crew, rehearsal and studio recording schedule at BBC Television Centre Studio 6 followed by running order pages detailing production requirements. These are followed by a complete dialogue script for the episode which includes various boom and camera details with the final pages bearing the credit slide details.

Here is the schedule for studio recording with the main cast list.

Here are the first two pages of the recording schedule. This details the recording order for the episode. As you can see, the episode was recorded out of order so this document details how each scene relates to the script page number, which characters are involved and a brief description of what the scene is about. This also details any costume or make-up changes required after each scene has been recorded.

Below is the first full page of the camera script which includes Ben Steed's original stage directions. It's interesting to note Steed's suggestion that Nina should be played by a younger actress made-up to look older.

This page details Avon's initial confrontation with Gunn Sar: "eyeball to eyeball"! This highlights just how many camera moves are required for even the more 'straightforward' scenes.

The page below outlines how the film sequence of the Hommiks capturing Luxia and Pella was planned. Note Ben Steed's description of the device used by the Hommiks. Interesting to see that the stumble by one of the Hommiks was scripted!

The following pages from the camera script breakdown each element of the new teleport effect. Note the use of CSO cloth, mirror ball and black drapes. It doesn't get more high tech than this!

Every BBC drama production was required to release a Drama Early Warning Synopsis. Here is the one for Power which was prepared by the production office. The Early Warning Synopsis lists the usual programme information (down to name of author and director, and project number - 50/LDL/DO82 N in this case). It also has standard areas to be filled in concerning when and in which studio the show was recorded, the approximate size of the cast (medium) and the set and film requirements (not completed).

We'd like to thank Chris Archer (@jediastra) for his invaluable help with this feature.

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