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RADIO TIMES:  When the Liberator is mysteriously drawn off-course, it takes the crew vital minutes to find out why. By then it is already too late to save the ship from almost total destruction.



Monday, 28 January 1980: 7.15pm-8.10pm




The Caliph - Sam Dastor

Groff - Terry Scully

The Thaarn - Marcus Powell


Writer - James Follett

Director - Desmond McCarthy

Producer - David Maloney

Script Editor - Chris Boucher

Stunt Co-ordinator - Stuart Fell

Production Assistant - Roselyn Parker

Production Unit Manager - Sheelagh Rees

Director's Assistant - Hermione Stewart

Assistant Floor Manager - Antony Root

Film Cameraman - Peter Chapman

Film Recordist - Ian Sansam 

Film Editor - Sheila S Tomlinson 

Series Videotape Editors - Sam Upton (Uncredited), Malcolm Banthorpe (Uncredited)

Visual Effects Designer - Steve Drewitt, Jim Francis 

Video Effects - A.J. Mitchell 

Graphic Designer - Doug Burd 

Studio Lighting - Brian Clemett 

Studio Sound - Malcolm Johnson 

Special Sound - Elizabeth Parker 

Costume Designer - Dee Robson 

Make Up Artist - Sheelagh J. Wells 

Music By - Dudley Simpson 

Series Created By - Terry Nation 



  • James Follett’s script specified the board game played by the Liberator crew as ‘Cosmos’, an intergalactic version of Monopoly.

  • The original version of the script was written for Jenna and ‘Captain’.

  • The scenes set on Crandor were shot on a featureless black set at Ealing Studios from Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 August 1979.

  • Studio recording took place from Thursday 1 to Saturday 3 November 1979.

  • The Liberator surgical unit was a redressed cabin set from Powerplay.

  • The incidental music included ‘Cally’s Song’ by Elizabeth Parker.

  • Sheelagh Wells designed the Thaarn make-up.




“David Maloney and Chris Boucher had a problem with a script that was either not delivered or was unusable. Chris and I had the same agent. I was volunteered by my agent George Markstein, the creator of The Prisoner TV series, to produce a script in a week.”


Writer James Follett, interviewed by Scorpio Attack in 2005.


“I thought the direction was sluggish, but that was true of a lot of television at the time. Blake’s 7 had the additional burden of special effects which was not reflected in the budget.”

Writer James Follett, interviewed by Scorpio Attack in 2005.



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Publicity still of Josette Simon as Dayna.

Dayna and Tarrant

Dayna and Tarrant

Publicity still of Josette Simon and Steven Pacey.

Space Monopoly

Space Monopoly

Jan Chappell, Michael Keating, Josette Simon and Paul Darrow.

The Caliph and Groff

The Caliph and Groff

Sam Dastor and Terry Scully.

Cally confronts the Thaarn

Cally confronts the Thaarn

Jan Chappell and Marcus Powell.

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