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RADIO TIMES: Fleeing from pursuit ship patrols. Blake takes the Liberator far out towards the edge of the galaxy. But even here he is not free of the Federation. On a planet code-named ' Horizon' he is finally captured... 

Broadcast: Tuesday 30th January, 1979: 7.20pm-8.10pm, BBC 1

Writer: Allan Prior

Director: Jonathan Wright Miller

"I'm glad you're coming round to the truth, Ro. It would have hurt me to eliminate you." Kommissar



Kommissar - William Squire

Ro - Darien Angadi

Selma - Souad Faress

Assistant Kommissar - Brian Miller

Chief Guard - Paul Haley




Production Assistant - Ralph Wilton

Production Unit Manager - Sheelagh Rees

Film Cameraman - Peter Chapman

Film Recordist - Ian Sansam

Film Editor - Sheila S. Tomlinson

Series Videotape Editors - Sam Upton (Uncredited), Malcolm Banthorpe (Uncredited)

Visual Effects Designer - Mat Irvine, Peter Pegrum, Andrew Lazell

Electronic Effects - A.J. Mitchell

Studio Lighting - Brian Clemett

Studio Sound - Clive Gifford

Special Sound - Richard Yeoman-Clark

Costume Designer - June Hudson

Make Up Artist - Marianne Ford

Music By - Dudley Simpson

Series Created By - Terry Nation




  • Horizon was commissioned from award-winning novelist and television scripwriter Allan Prior in early 1978. 


  • Horizon was originally intended to be episode 8 in Series B but was moved forward to 4 to replace Pip & Jane Baker’s abandoned script Death Squad.


  • Horizon originally didn’t include Gan who would already have died if the episode had retained its place later in the season.


  • The surface scenes on Horizon were filmed at Clearwell, Gloucestershire, from 10th-12th August, 1978.


  • The freighter followed by the Liberator was stock footage of the London from Series A, as were the Federation fighters.


  • Deleted scenes included Vila begging for soma before teleporting down to Horizon and a long speech by the Kommissar to Ro.


  • The main guest actor in Horizon was William Squire who had appeared as a regular in the spy series Callan. 


  • Squire was also the voice of Gandalf in the animated version of The Lord of the Rings (1978) and was the Shadow in The Armageddon Factor (Doctor Who, 1979).



Gan (David Jackson) on set with Orac

Gan (David Jackson) on set with Orac

Rehearsal shot of David Jackson. Notice the blocks holding up Orac's trolley. BBC copyright image

Blake negotiates with Ro

Blake negotiates with Ro

BBC copyright image


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