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RADIO TIMES: One of the tribal chiefs on the planet Goth unknowingly holds the secret to Star One. Blake's problem is to stay alive while he discovers which one. 

Broadcast: Tuesday 27th March, 1979: 7.15pm-8.10pm, BBC 1

Writer: Allan Prior

Director: Derek Martinus

"At least leave me a torch, I don't like the dark! I like to see what I'm scared of." Vila



Gola - Bruce Purchase

Tara - Freda Jackson

Rod - Shaun Curry

Fool - Cengiz Saner

Old Man - Arthur Hewlett

Patrol Leader - Ron Tarr





Stunt Co-ordinator - Stuart Fell

Production Assistant - Jackie Willows, Pauline Smithson

Production Unit Manager - Sheelagh Rees

Film Cameraman - Max Samett, Paul Godfrey

Film Recordist - John Gatland

Film Editor - Sheila S. Tomlinson

Series Videotape Editors - Sam Upton (Uncredited), Malcolm Banthorpe (Uncredited)

Visual Effects Designer - Mat Irvine, Peter Pegrum, Andrew Lazell

Electronic Effects - A.J. Mitchell

Studio Lighting - Brian Clemett

Studio Sound - Malcolm Johnson

Special Sound - Elizabeth Parker

Costume Designer - Barbara Kidd

Make Up Artist - Ann Ailes

Music By - Dudley Simpson

Series Created By - Terry Nation



  • The Keeper was a last-minute script commissioned in autumn 1978. Series B was originally to have climaxed with a two-part story by Terry Nation. Nation was unable to deliver the scripts due to other work commitments. The Keeper was commissioned to replace Part 1 of Nation’s script, while Boucher handled the season finale.


  • Allan Prior was commissioned on Thursday 28 Sept with a target delivery date of Mon 16 October.


  • Night filming took place from Tuesday 4th December at a disused coal mine near Bream in Gloucestershire. The location scenes were lit in yellow to indicate a sulphorous atmosphere.


  • Special model filming was carried out for the destruction of Travis’ ship.


  • CSO was used for the establishing shots of the Goth tents.


  • Stuntman Stuart Fell coached actor Cenghiz Zaner for his tricks as Charl’s jester. Fell was also the stunt arranger for the fight scene between Rod and Gola.


  • Dudley Simpson’s incidental music was recorded at Lime Grove on Monday 12th March.


  • This was a popular episode with Sally Knyvette as she enjoyed working with Bruce Purchase.




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Jenna dances with Gola

Jenna dances with Gola

BBC copyright image

Sally Knyvette and Bruce Purchase

Sally Knyvette and Bruce Purchase

BBC copyright image

Studio recording

Studio recording

BBC copyright image

Recording The Keeper

Recording The Keeper

BBC copyright image

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