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RADIO TIMES: A mysterious telepathic signal plunges Blake back into the nightmare of his torture and trial. Under its control he re-routes the Liberator... 

Broadcast: Tuesday 13th March, 1979: 7.20pm-8.10pm, BBC 1

Writer: Roger Parkes

Director: George Spenton-Foster

"Le Grand, the High Council have been aware of your pathetic plot from the beginning." Servalan



Governor Le Grand - Frieda Knorr

Glynd - Richard Bebb

Nagu - Martin Read




Production Assistant - Michael Brayshaw

Production Unit Manager - Sheelagh Rees

Film Cameraman - Max Samett

Film Recordist - John Gatland

Film Editor - Sheila S. Tomlinson

Series Videotape Editors - Sam Upton (Uncredited), Malcolm Banthorpe (Uncredited)

Visual Effects Designer - Mat Irvine, Peter Pegrum, Andy Lazell

Electronic Effects - A.J. Mitchell

Studio Lighting - Brian Clemett

Studio Sound - Malcolm Johnson

Special Sound - Elizabeth Parker

Costume Designer - Barbara Kidd

Make Up Artist - Ann Ailes

Music By - Dudley Simpson

Series Created By - Terry Nation



  • Voice from the Past was watched by 7.0m viewers.


  •  Roger Parkes had contacted Chris Boucher with a number of story ideas and was commissioned on Monday 3 April 1978. He had also written for Out of the Unknown, The Prisoner and Survivors.


  • The working title for this episode was Voices from the Past. The draft script featured Gan. The draft script also mentioned a failed attempt by Blake to make an alliance with aliens. Le Grand was originally a male character.


  • Robert James was unavailable to reprise the role of Ven Glynd. Richard Bebb was cast instead. Plans to include flashbacks to Blake’s trial from The Way Back were dropped when the role of Glynd was recast.


  • The Atlay Conference Centre scenes were filmed at the Wembley Conference Centre from 23-24 Nov 1978.


  • Model filming included Le Grand’s shuttle arriving on Atlay


  • The scenes in Servalan’s office, the Liberator rest room & corridor were recorded on Thurs 1 February, 1979. The teleport, asteroid, minehead & Liberator flight deck scenes were recorded on Friday 2 February 1979. The scenes in the living quarters, mess quarters & conference ante-chamber were recorded on Sat 3 Feb 1979.

Model filming

Model filming

BBC copyright image.

The Atlay Shuttle model

The Atlay Shuttle model

Nagu's gun

Nagu's gun


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