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RADIO TIMES: Travis has devised a plan to destroy Blake and capture the Liberator. Even Servalan believes it cannot fail.

Broadcast: Monday 27th February, 1978: 7.15pm-8.10pm, BBC 1

Writer: Terry Nation

Director: Michael E Briant

"Another idealist, poor but honest. I shall look forward to our meeting with eager anticipation."  Avon

GUEST CAST: Julia Vidler (Avalon), David Bailie (Chevner), Glynis Barber (Mutoid), John Baker (Scientist), John Rolfe (Terloc), David Sterne, Mark Holmes (Guards)



  • Project Avalon was watched by 9.7m viewers.


  • The script was commissioned in Spring 1977 from writer Terry Nation. Nation elected to bring back the character of Servalan who had originally been intended as a one-off character.


  • In the original script, it was Cally who teleported down to the planet, not Jenna. This was changed at Sally Knyvette’s request as she was unhappy about Jenna’s lack of involvement in the scripts.


  • Location work took place from Tuesday 10th to Friday 13th January, 1978 at Milton Quarry and Wookey Hole in Somerset.


  • Project Avalon featured an early appearance by Glynis Barber as a Mutoid. She’d be back...


  • Stuntman Stuart Fell doubled for Glynis Barber as the Mutoid and was the Subterron attacked by Travis.


  • The Federation Robot made a return appearance; this time equipped with a flame thrower. 


  • Guest star Julia Vidler (Avalon) had auditioned for the part of Jenna.


  • Project Avalon was recorded in TC 3 at BBC Television Centre from Monday 30 January. 


  • The interrogation unit that Avalon was strapped into had previously been seen in The Way Back.


  • Split-screen videotaping was used for the scenes of Avalon and her robot double. Extra Bunty Garland stood in for Julia Vidler for scenes where one Avalon could be shot from behind.


  • CSO was used to make the Phobon plague capsule glow pink and to show the mechanics inside the android Avalon’s head.


  • Project Avalon was novelised by Trevor Hoyle as part of Blake's 7 - Project Avalon.



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Blake at the helm of the Liberator

Blake at the helm of the Liberator

Publicity shot of Blake (Gareth Thomas). BBC copyright image.

Jenna on the Liberator flight deck

Jenna on the Liberator flight deck

Publicity shot of Jenna (Sally Knyvette). BBC copyright image.

Avon at the flight controls

Avon at the flight controls

Publicity shot of Avon (Paul Darrow). BBC copyright image.

Cally at flight controls

Cally at flight controls

Publicity shot of Cally (Jan Chappell). BBC copyright image.

Vila on the flight deck

Vila on the flight deck

Publicity shot of Vila (Michael Keating). BBC copyright image.

Gan at the flight controls

Gan at the flight controls

Publicity shot of Gan (David Jackson). BBC copyright image.

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