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RADIO TIMES: A spaceship crashes on the planet Cephlon. When the crew of the Liberator look for survivors they find their own survival threatened.

Broadcast: Monday 20th March, 1978: 7.15pm-8.10pm, BBC 1

Writer: Terry Nation

Director: Michael E Briant (and David Maloney - uncredited)

"You're almost as ruthless as I am." Travis

"You underestimate me, Travis." Servalan

GUEST CAST: Tony Caunter (Ensor), Susan Farmer (Meegat), James Lister (Maryatt



  • Deliverance was watched by 9.0m viewers.


  • The script was commissioned from Terry Nation on 21 April, 1977 as the first of a 2-part storyline.


  • Terry Nation’s script originally had Blake, not Avon, leading the rescue party on Cephlon.


  • Douglas Camfield was originally to have directed this episode but he became involved with another project.


  • Deliverance was directed by Michael E Briant but he was unavailable for pre-filming. 


  • David Maloney seized the opportunity to direct the location scenes (uncredited).


  • Filming was carried out at Betchworth Quarry for 3 days from Monday 13 February. 


  • Ian Scoones & Mat Irvine carried out model filming of the Spacemaster exploding and the two life capsules tumbling towards Cephlon.


  • Stock shots of the Liberator and Space Command came from earlier episodes.


  • Deliverance was recorded in TC6 from Thursday 2nd to Friday 3rd March, 1978


  • The launch of the race bank rocket was stock footage from a 1971 edition of Horizon about an American space launch.



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Effects shooting

Effects shooting

The full-size Spacemaster prop against a blue CSO background. Note the Effects Assistant with the smoke gun. BBC copyright image.



Sally Knyvette wearing Jenna's 'Surface Clothes'. BBC copyright image.

Vila and Gan discover the rocket.

Vila and Gan discover the rocket.

BBC copyright image.

Avon and Vila

Avon and Vila

Paul Darrow and Michael Keating on the Liberator teleport set. BBC copyright image.

Cally and Ensor

Cally and Ensor

Jan Chappell with guest star Tony Caunter on the Liberator set during recording of Deliverance. BBC copyright image.

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